Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

What is the location of the lots?​

South west end of Mabel Lake. See the location page for more information. ​​​

Is the subdivision of the lots fixed or is this still negotiable? 

The exact dimensions of the lots are still flexible.

What are the covenants regarding the subdivision?

There is a basic covenant in place. It can be forwarded on request.

Is the ground rustic (a lot of trees) or is it level?

The lot will include an access road, a level build site surrounded by trees.

What are the utilities? What about the sewage, water, energy etc? And what are the costs for getting these utilities?

All lots are 100% off grid, energy options include solar, propane and back up diesel generator. Water will be supplied to your built site, included in purchase price, Septic tank and field are additional costs.

Are the houses custom build or pre-designed?

None of the homes are predesigned, however recent purchasers have local designers and builders that we recommend.

What about Architectural Design Guidelines? Are there restrictions on the kind of house I can build? What are the specific building rules? Size of the house, location of the house on the lot, type of material?

Minimum home size is 645 square feet.  Maximum home size is 7500 square feet. Maximum height is 39 feet.


Are there guidelines that state how close to the border of your property you can build?

Homes must be constructed a minimum of 30 metres from the waterfront. Homes must be built a minimum of 25 feet from the property line. 

Can I change the zoning of a lot? For example can I use the lot for commercial purpose and business purpose? Is a (little) farm allowed? 

The waterfall lot is ideal for farming, lakefront lots in Eagle Bay will require developer approval. 

Can we build a private dock or do we need to have a permit? 

A dock can be built to a maximum of 860 square feet without a permit.  

Are there HOA fees on these lots?

HOA Home Owner Association Fees will be agreed upon by the owners group.  

Can I take a tour of the lot?

Lot viewings are available on request.

Where can I launch my boat?

Boat launch access to Mabel Lake is via the common area south of M1 and the marina across the lake has a boat launch for very large boats, only 2 mins by boat.

Is GST included in the lot price?

GST is not included in the purchase price.

How much do solar power systems cost?

Off grid power systems cost $10,000 to $25,000.  

Can we use the natural resources? Are there any specific rights?

The owner has the rights to use the timber on his property. 

Who is responsible for the maintenance in the surrounding areas, such as the road and common areas? 

The Owners Group will decide on and share annual costs (snow removal, road repairs etc).