Where in the world is Mabel Lake?

  • Vernon - 1 hr

  • Kelowna - 2 hrs

  • Vancouver - 6 hrs

  • Calgary - 6 hrs

This amazing lake is truly one of BC’s most stunning lakes. A gem of the Okanagan.

It is the Okanagan’s most private and pristine lake. The lake is 35 kilometres long with many beautiful beaches for your enjoyment. It is up to 2 kilometres wide with depths up to 600 feet and is abundant with many species of fish including salmon and rainbow trout.

What can you do at Mabel Lake?

Year round recreation

Mabel Lake is known for year round recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, mountainbiking, golf, waterskiing, wake surfing, snowmobiling, downhill and x-country skiing. With a floatplane you can explore the beauty of the lake even more.

Back to nature

You will experience the calm water and private beaches. There are many bald eagles, moose, deer, otters, spotted turtles, owls and osprey around.

Mabel Lake Provincial Park

At the east side of the lake you can visit Mabel Lake Provincial Park with sandy beaches, a little cosy marina, a playground and a campground.


Mabel Lake Golf and Airpark

Drive your boat up to the Mabel Lake Golf and Airpark and enjoy a great lunch or improve your swing. The park is one of the premier golf courses in the Okanagan Valley and offers a 2900’ grass airstrip.