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Hope on a rope

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

After 10 consecutive summers at Mabel and countless times viewing and cheering for friends, Sarah finally takes the plunge.

With so much to do at Mabel, there always seems to be a group adventure planed. I consider myself pretty adventurous and yet somehow I have managed to put off the rope swing every year.

This is my year to check off every Mabel adventure, water skiing, trail running, fishing and the rope swing.

This year during the yoga retreat, one of our guests said, "I'm going to do everything",

so when the opportunity arose, i used her as inspiration.

The initial approach is really simple, as long as you know how to swim. The rock face is quite easy as a scramble, but heres a tip: hook the rope in the crook of your elbow.

What I found most alarming was the hight, after only scrambling up a few feet, when you stand tall to swing, it feels like you are very high up. Then, its a commitment game, you want to grab the rope up high and as you jump off, jump up and contract your arms to pull you higher. (#vacation #dream #summer)

Remember to let go! With all the tension around the swinging out, most people forget to let go, ideally at the farthest part.

Looking back at my rope swing adventure, It is a revealing metaphor for life. Don't put things off you can do today, stand tall, commit and then let go.

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