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A new family member.

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Finding a family dog that is both good with children and with lake life was our goal, we could never have hoped for such a good match as we found in Charley.

Some time ago I was chosen by an adolescent Pomeranian, i say chosen because when i picked up the little fluff ball it was only to temporarily relieve her from the sticky hands of some young children, screeching "good puppy", at a pet store where I was buying dog food for my formers black lab.

Upon my attempt to return her to the petting box after any further assault seemed limited, she grasped my neck with her paws and starred deep into my eyes. "don't leave me here", came the words in my head while starring into the dark round eyes of my fluffy new friend.

She would be my greatest joy until the day I was stuck for a dog sitter and my new boyfriend, now husband offered to take little Zorra the fluffy Pomeranian for the afternoon. I have never been so quickly replaced, and ten years in, their commitment has been cemented with treats, walks and cuddles of which I am sometimes invited.

After having our son, it seemed very important to close the circle of our family with a larger dog but the most important questions was, how will Zorra respond?

We had a high list of demands on our new dog. It must be a boy, Zorra hates other bitches.

It had to like/put up with Zorra, be gentle and cautious with Zorra and if possible our young son. Ideally we would like a medium size breed and also a lake dog, oh and not be a puppy.

Charlie needs a home...

I started researching similar breeds to the Pomarianian, not for any locical reason but more because I assumed that would be most acceptable to my two biggest critiques to a new pet.

The similar breed was a Finish Spitz, and to our goof fortune, the breeder also bread Pomerianians and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers. Long name, I know and redundant too as Toller means retreiver, but I digress.

Charley was returned to the breeder by the original purchaser and was four years old, accustomed to Poms from birth and a year back with the breeder. We met and I was still unsure, but after a month at the lake it seemed that we had found our match, and then he went missing.

We will never know what happened in those three days that Charley disappeared, but if there was ever any doubt in my mind about keeping him, it was removed by his temporary absents.

He walked back into our life and I have never been happy to retrieve my Toller.

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