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Off grid - cappuccinos and wifi

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

I was talking to my friend from LA about coming to visit, he said that he wouldn't "do off grid". I laughed and tried to qualify, we're not talking about glamping here, this is Cappuccinos and Wifi off grid.

Some people get really excited about the sustainable living idea, and others don't want to give up their creature comforts. I think I would fall into the later category but after 10 summers of off-grid living, I take a lot of pride in the knowledge that is the known world came to a halt, we have a place that can manage on its own.

What is off grid?

The name off-grid comes from the concept that power in cities is hooked up to a grid. In BC's case, BC Hydro supplies power the British Columbians, we generate our own power, hence the term, "off-grid".

In our system, 9 solar panels collect solar power to charge our batteries, the batteries are also hooked up to a diesel generator. The house and cabins all get their power from the batteries, when the demand for power becomes greater than the sun supplies or what is stored, the generator is triggered to charge the batteries.

Living Off grid

When you are conscious of your power, you make different decisions, we always turn off unnecessary electricity, and limit running water but there is no giving up of comfort. We might choose wash larger dishes by hand, but we have two dishwashers.

We shut down the routers and printers at night, but we are connected to the world all day.

Connection is a choice

By living off grid, we value our resources more and we connect to one another more fully because we limit office and screen time to work and not entertainment.

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