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#Origin Story

Developer, Ted Allsopp grew up in Edmonton Alberta. His summers he enjoyed the lake life with the family in their cabin on Lake Wabamun. As a boy he was bare bum on the beach with all the other kids of the families, spending their summer away from the busy life in the city.

All the kids grew up together, every year they ritually put out and pulled in the pier, learned the responsibilities and safety of driving a boat. They learned how to waterski at such a young age they don’t even remember learning. Ted's grandfather was one of the pioneers and bought his property in 1917. Together with some other families they built up the famous Seba Beach village. It started with just a few cabins, a dock and a tennis court. Ted his father Bruce grew up during the summers at the lake.

He wanted to pass on his good childhood memories and bought his own little property, where he built his family cabin. A lot of the other families have been passing down the family cabin to their kids for quite a few generations now. Seba Beach became a family heritage with side by side cabins.

Life has a way of repeating itself. Unplanned and unintended, Ted created a new lake community with similar beginings as his forefathers, almost 100 years later.

In 2009 Mabel Lake Estates sold 7 out of the 12 lots during phase 1, stretched out on a total property of 460 acres. The property is a treasure with 3 creeks, a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by Crown Land at the south west end of the lake. Providing spacious homes for families to enjoy the undiscovered lake of the Okanagan. Here the families find more quiet fisherman and eagles than motorized boats. Families looking for more than a busy side by side cottage setting have been building their dream homes in this pristine setting with the intention of passing down a family lake property in this undeveloped forest setting with thousands of feet of lakeshore.

These families have now discovered the ease of sustainable and off-grid living without sacrificing luxury. Get up and enjoy a cup of cappuccino, check your mail, chat with your friends on the phone or take a hot bath, every little wish is possible.

To complete our vision of building a small community on this amazing location, Ted is looking into options of a Solar Forest building up a renewable energy network for the 5 new to be built homes. In that way everyone can experience a sustainable and off-grid lake lifestyle. This is our way to bring harmony between nature, animals and people.

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